Vintage Blue- New 'Dress' in the Shoppe..

Here's a lovely Vintage Blue background and header to 'dress' up your blog.. Only $10.00 for the set.. (smiles) Just click on 'Ready to Wear Designs'.. I'd be happy to add your blog title in any font you'd like.. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.. 


  1. It´s so cute Cat!!! =)Good luck with your new blog!!!//Kicki.

  2. Well, You have made me Shine! I love your goodies and creative style. My Blog is different and sassy. I love it.
    Thank you, Amber Rose

  3. Thanks so much, Kicki.. So sweet of you to stop by.. (smiles)

    And thanks to you too, Amber.. I really enjoy working with you.. (Hugs, my friend)


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