A pretty framed button for Vintage Dragonfly..

JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly commissioned me for a new blog button.. She knew exactly what she looking for.. It was just a matter of finding the perfect set of wings.. Something elegant and wispy like the young maiden wearing them.. JoAnne tells me this is just what she was looking for.. I think it looks so very lovely on your sidebar, and I too get a little thrill when I see it being shared on other blogs.. (smiles) Click Here to visit her delightful blog and say 'Hello'..

Thanks so much JoAnne, I really enjoyed working with you..

Have a lovely evening..


  1. Hi Cat,
    Thanks again for this beautiful button. Lots of people have been grabbing it because it's so lovely. And the pleasure was all mine.

  2. Cat.I love this button.So wonderful cute.
    Hugs Kicki.


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