Pat Winters Gatherings..

Pat Winter has a passion for Crazy Quilting.. Her work is drop dead Gorgeous.. I'm sure you will agree.. The artwork used in this blog design is her own crazy quilt work.. We added a bit of aged lace and some sewing items, beloved birds nest and a dragonfly.. (click on image for full view)  Thanks so much, Pat.. It really was a pleasure working with you.. Stop by and visit Pat Winters Gatherings, you will be so glad you did..


  1. Oh Cat, what a beautiful web page, I love the crazy quilts, if only I had that talent! I will go visit Pat right now!


  2. Thank you for the beautiful work on my blog and for the wonderful comments on my work. I love the layout and you were such a pleasure to work with. I do hope others contact you for their own personalized blog because I know they won't be disappointed.

  3. Cat, This is Perfect! You are really making some beautiful and creative designs. I just can not keep making new blogs. I guess I will have to stop and just start adding just new looks. Pleasse keep my old designs on File for me to back to. Love this one. Will talk soon. Great designs. Amber Rose

  4. Hi Ms Cat,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. I know you are an apron girl too. :)

  5. Cat,
    I am wanting to start a blog for selling my vintage goodies off of my other blogs....can you help? If you go to you can see my style, I would love to use a vintage tablecloth as the backround for the shop! I have quite a few and I found one free backround online of one...I would need aheader and such. Please email me at Thanks! Sandy

  6. Hi Cat, thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet words of contgratulations!
    I hope you are well and having a great year!



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