Queenie Flash Navigation Menu bar for Queen Marcy Originals..

Marcy at Queen Marcy Originals commissioned me for a new background and a Navigation Menu bar.. I wasn't sure I could do it, as Marcy has a Typepad Pro blog.. She graciously invited me over to take a peek at her blog's template to be certain I could make the changes she wanted.. As you can see, we worked together to make a lovely Harlequin background paper (to coordinate with her  Awesome header) and an 'eye popping' flash Navigation Menu bar.. We used an image of her lovely 'Queenie doll'.. When you move your cursor over it, it changes from a 'crowned' text label to 'Queenie' wearing her crown.. How much fun is that?
Won't you stop by her blog and see her Gorgeous new look for yourself? We are soo very proud of the flash feature.. (smiles)

Marcy, I have had a blast working with you.. Thanks so much for letting me help with your special 'Queenie' design..