That Girl Loves Vintage..

 There's a  new 'Dress' in the shoppe.. A One of a Kind Design..(it will only be sold once) We call it 'That Girl Loves Vintage'.. a sweet vintage gift card with a pretty pink rose and an eye-catching piece of 'bling' layered over an old letter and stitched ruffled ribbon..  "That Girl Loves Vintage' is the blog's title, where your title will be.. You could also have your own tagline on the gift card.. This set includes the background, the header, the navigation bar and 8 sidebar labels for 50 dollars.. (price includes installation to your blog)  click on image to see larger view..  Like this blog wear set?  Just click on the little Paypal button and it could be yours.. I'd be happy to customize it just for you..  Thanks so much for stopping by..